BHHC's AGM - the agenda for the 2019 meeting on Wednesday June 12

BHHC's AGM - the agenda for the 2019 meeting on Wednesday June 12

By David Chappell
11th June
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The clubhouse and new shirt design will feature in discussions on the night along with elections of club officers

Brighton and Hove Hockey Club's annual general meeting (AGM) will be held at The Nevill pub, Nevill Road, Hove (around the corner from the clubhouse) on Wednesday June 12 2019 starting at 7.30pm.

The formal agenda is set (below), featuring elections of club officers on the night, discussion about the club's progress on and off the pitch, including the chosen shirt design under the new kit supply contract with FUEL Hockey and proposed changes to annual subscriptions.

The AGM is your chance to have a say and play a part in your club's future, to hear about significant progress and developments on and off the pitch, to ask questions, make your views known and to put yourself forward as someone who can help in the organisation and management of a rapidly growing and successful club - so please make every effort to attend.

And stay on for a drink and a chat with friends and fellow club members.

BHHC AGM Wednesday June 12 2019


1) Members and those present sign register. Clarification on voting rights
2) Apologies for absence
3) Accept minutes of the AGM held on Tuesday June 19 2018
4) Chairman’s Report
5) Treasurer’s Report
6) Club Captains’ Reports
7) Junior Development Officer’s Report
8) Elections of officers and other vacancies
9) Questions

For more detailed information on the AGM, including the positions up for election, please see previous website article:

For the minutes from the 2018 AGM see below or visit the information section on the home page of the club's website (bottom left), click on 'club info' and then 'club admin documents'.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday night.


Minutes from BHHC AGM Tues 19th June 2018

G. Edwards, P. Stevens, K. Kieran, J. Shorrocks, N. Beglin, A. Patel, D. Chappell, R. Omran, S. Finley plus members J. Edwards, A. Drinkwater, D. Hore, C. Cook, W. Russell, M. Howlett, J. Sharrocks, J.Millar, A. Wiltshire, M Perkins, S. Spurio, K. Smith, J. Harris, A. Thompson, A. Bromley, S. Pimley, A.Webb, E. Wilson-Pike, M. Jarvis, E. Sperring, B. Jordan, D. Martin, M. Nott, V. Balfour, E. Wyatt, m.Kerrigan, E. Howlett, H. Shuttlewood, C. Shuttlewood, A. MacMillan, S. Rigg, L. Ortiz-Ruz de Gordoa, R. Hore
M. Sale, Q. Harkess, C. Heath, J. Edwards, K. Sharp, C. Mulliner, T. Wolfenden, S. Shorrocks, R. Slaughter, E. Wilson-Pike, A. Collier, M. Perkins, A. Grey, M. Sale, M. Ford, K. Edwards, S. Mooney, E. Bending, H. Vans Agnew, N. Pickford, K. Rogers, N. Raafatt, N. Thomas, K. McDonald

Minutes AGM 2017 accepted and signed.

Chairman’s Report
We have had a very successful season.
Cricketers have decided to withdraw from the clubhouse plans as they do not have the funds. We are actively pursuing other ideas: smaller clubhouse; clubhouse without changing rooms with a view to adding them later. We are going to go ahead alone; the project is not dead. GE has various meetings lines up over the summer with the school and the Council so we will eventually build something.
Current clubhouse has had a new kitchen so we can officially cook hot teas and it has also had some new furniture.

Treasurer’s Report
These are our draft accounts so there may be some minor changes but they will be small. Subs and match fees have gone up.
Profit from 100 club almost at its maximum as the club has been full nearly all year.
Profit from the socials and the bar has nearly doubled. This is partly to do with the fact that we do not share the clubhouse with the football club any longer. The down side is that our shared costs have gone up. Also we paid for the kitchen and also some cold storage.
Our funds include our sinking fund of 63K. We need to check that we are saving enough for when the pitches need relaying and we will do this over the summer ready for next season.
Question from member: Why do we have hiring pitch costs?
We have to hire our pitches from the school for the slots we do not own, mainly junior training costs in the week day evenings. We have also had to hire other pitches around the city as we have occasionally been unable to play all our home games at Blatch as we are so many teams now.
Our budget next season is to include a slight cost on the subs - £5 per person across the board. The idea is to try and make a small profit next season.

CC reports
Women – Very successful year last season: 2 teams won promotion, 6s and 5s. W7 were a creditable 6 th , W4s were 3 rd , W3s were 7 th much better than last year where they were struggling in the league,
W2s were 3 rd and the W1s were 8 th in their new league. The emphasis will be on the W2s next season.
Women’s open event was very successful. Feedback has been put on Pitchero. There is another event planned for 6 th July.
There will be a junior/adult game organised soon so that the juniors moving up can be placed in the most suitable team.
Member question – How many juniors will be coming up? Realistically about 7
Member question – what are the training nights going to be next season; are they changing? These may change as it is felt that the women’s general training needs splitting up. Nights will be published soon.
Men – M1s came a creditable 4 th ; M2s avoided relegation; M3s/M4s came 4 th and 6 th ; m5s were in the top 5; M6s were mid table as were the M8s; and M7s were 3 rd .
There is an adult/juniors game arranged for 4 th July. The idea is to see which juniors can join M3s and M4s. The rest will go into the M5s, M6s and M7s. There is a desire to create a juniors elders team but suitable adults are needed for this.

Junior Development Officer Report
A good season. 160 juniors for the whole season and another 40 approx played half a season. Age range is U7 – the gulls/Starlings/Flippers at U16.
There are 2 U16 sides for the girls due to the expansion of this side of the club and the club wants to ensure the boys expand in this way too.
All junior training has been overseen by Wendy Russell and Jon Royce. It has proved a real success and as the juniors have transferred to the adult side of the club they are definitely better prepared to play at this level.
Junior GKs have been thriving too. There are so many that training has been split into 2 groups to accommodate the numbers.
There have been various festival games/ mini tournaments for the other age groups. Not only has this meant that many juniors have had the chance to play but the older juniors have been umpiring the games which is developing our junior umpires. Alan Grey and Frances Block held a junior umpiring morning in the club which was well received and well attended.
42 juniors from the club are involved with Sussex summer development training and out of these the County sides will be selected.
To help build on the relationships with local primary schools, WR and JR have produced ‘Golden Tickets’. Each primary school in the Brighton area has been given 3 tickets to send 3 children to a training session in Sept. The idea is to attract in the best sports student from around the area.
For U10s and U12, the club is working with other clubs to produce a junior league so these players experience more games.

Other Business
PlayerLayer: We are no longer contracted to them. However they have a number of items with our logo on which they wish to get rid of so we are going to buy them at a heavily discounted price. We will then sell these on to the club.
In place we are working with Marie Jarvis to provide us with some kit for next season whilst a long term solution is decided upon. Marie brought in samples.
If any player has outstanding issue with PL please let Atul know and he will endeavour to get more discount/sort issue.
Member question? How much kit do they have and what is it? There is about 780 items; some away shirts, gilets, socks, water bottles... We will sell at a small profit and feed this back into the club funds. The kit should hopefully be available for 8 th Sept which is club day.
Firework Night: We are planning on selling drinks, pies etc at this event with the cricketers. Clubhouse may be available for members. We need 8 – 12 volunteers for this event; names to GE please. Date tbc.

Election of Officers
The following Club Officials were agreed:

President Stewart Newton
Chairman Graham Edwards
Treasurer Ramzy Omran
Club Secretary Julia Shorrocks
Club Captains women Kate Kieran, men Pete Stevens
Junior Development Atul Patel

Welfare Officers women Sorcha Lee
Management/Sponsorship Neil Beglin
Publicity Officer David Chappell
Team Sec women Elaina Sperring men Matt Sale
Fix Sec women Nivene Raafat men Alan Teal
Umpire Co-ordinator Luke Williams/ Dickie Barnes
Facilities Manager Tom Wolfenden
Clubhouse Development Officer
Web Site Managers Shaun Pimley/Alice Webb
Merchandising Officer Betti Jordan
Social Secretaries women Izzy Dodds men Phil Turner
Team Captains
1 men Rob Cornell
2 women Nivene Raafatt
3 women Mary-Beth Perkins men Andy Bromley
4 women Kate Smith men Carlo Missirian
5 women Amy Drinkwater/Rachael Slaughter men Ramzy Omran/James Millar
6 women Michaela Kerrigan men Pete Stevens
7 women Nancy Pickford men Richard Barnes
8 men Matt Sale
Flippers Manager Tom Wolfenden
Gulls Manager Sue Everton
Starlings Manager Clare Cook
Vets men Carlo Missirian

To help the welfare officer the following people will check DBS documents: Monica / Pete / Kate /Atul

Club Constitution
This was looked at and a few cosmetic changes made eg Changing of Ladies to Women, removal of out of date references to Preston Drove Clubhouse. There were no objections and the constitution was accepted.
Club Development Plan
This has been a long time in writing but is finished. The document should be used as a working document. Items may be added to it as and when they are decided upon and these changes can then be brought to the members at each AGM until the plan ends and a new one is created. As items are completed they are being left in so achievements can be seen. Some items have been completed already as the plan has taken time to complete and be signed off by the members. The Club Development Plan was accepted.
New capt of M3s concerned about how many dissent cards the team picked up last season and wants the club to discipline members who pick up too many. He will write up a suggestion for the disciplinary committee to consider. The high number of dissent cards was mentioned at the league meeting.
Member Question – Who is going to take Men’s club training on a Thursday? Kenny may continue for a bit but someone else needs to be found.

Meeting ends 8.30pm

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