BHHC Junior Section Meeting - 26 June 2019

BHHC Junior Section Meeting - 26 June 2019

By Atul Patel
18 June
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BHHC Junior Section meeting for parents of junior player members (26 June 2019)

Dear All

Following the AGM last week and the debrief meetings with the managers of all our girls and boys teams, we are now in a position to hold a meeting for the parents of our junior player members (i.e. all those who regularly play for one of the junior teams).

The purpose of the meeting is to share the Club's future plans as well as the lessons learnt with proposed actions for the BHHC Junior Section of the Club for next season and beyond. The growth of the Junior Section means we have a lot more things to do.. and therefore we need a lot more support from parents in order to provide hockey for the benefit of all our junior players and the long term sustainability of the Club.

The agenda for the meeting:
a) Update on the Clubs general plans - Clubhouse, Kit and proposed annual subs.
b) The key actions agreed from the manager debriefs.
c) Nominations from the floor to support for the various roles.
d) Proposed transitions of players from current teams/squads
e) Training schedule for the season; Start of season, camps, half-term breaks, etc.
f) Outline of the current proposed events/tours and timing.
g) Questions

Meeting Location: The Nevill Pub, Nevill Road, Hove
Date: Wednesday 26 June 2019
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Apologies for the short notice, but we thought it would be better to hold now before the start of the summer holidays.

Look forward to seeing you all next week,

Atul Patel
BHHC Junior Section Chair
Brighton and Hove Hockey Club

Clubhouse, Eridge Road Hove BN3 7QB

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