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Men's 3rd XI - Match centre

Hailsham 1s
Brighton and Hove Hockey Club
Sat 2 Dec 14:00 - League Full time

A New Hope?


Ginger and never shuts up...

In a galaxy far far away, where cars are revved and water based has never been heard of there was a period of civil war.
Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base of Blatch, set forth in an attempt to notch their first victory (this season) against the evil Galactic Empire.

The Rebels were joined for the first time by a x wing pilot Nathan from the red squad 2’s. But were missing the tactical nouse of Admiral Ack-Ninja and Auld, who were conveniently repairing their spacecrafts.
The battle begun with frantic movement and the questioning of the bend in Jedi Rob’s lightsabre. While Old Man JC Kenobi confused defenders with his mind tricks.....”this is not the ball your are looking for”.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the ‘Top Goalscoring Center Forward’, who confidently missed the net (by a mile) when left alone with the Hehiry Chewbacca.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, R(yan)2D2 and C3PO (Ginger & Never Shuts Up) attempted to protect Chewy’s net, by leaving young padawan’s Michael and Jacob to do all the running. While master Jedi Sharma used the force to redirect the ball from its intended target, he received banishment to Dagobah for 2 mins as a result.

However, after heroically, single handily, defending the net like it was some sort of moon generator bunker, Hehiry Chewbacca finally forthcame to a deflected effort.

This would see the Rebel forces set out on an all out attack to penetrate the Empire’s deflector shield. Han(some) Dan Solo made heroic solo attempts supported by Anakin Pagey, while Qui-Gon Bending and Jedi Brom toiled in vain to create a the killer strike. Even using the much practised ‘baseline run 90* pass’ tactic.

Jedi Rob did not feel the need to play a full excellent match this week, so he went to visit Dagobah for 5 mins also. He was lucky not to sent to Tatooine to live out his days in hiding for throwing an aerial straight up and across the pitch to their ‘secret weapon’ at the top of the circle.

Fittingly the best chance would fall to Jar Jar J, alone in the circle to only be undone by his own ability to stand up, most unfortunate for his endeavours. While Jedi Sharm and C3PO discussed the finer details of the English language.

Alas the attacking efforts, was ‘a trap’, as the Galactic Empire poured forward at will to secure a second in the dying minutes of the game. Squardon leader Nathan from red squad 2’s attempted to show resistance for the losing cause, but was also sent to Dagobah for 5 minutes. We also mourn the loss of Anakin Pagey, who appear to suffer a mortal wound on the finger.

But this is only Part 1 of the saga .....and we all know that the next is “Return of the Jedi’s”

MOM – Hehir Chewey
DOD – Jedi Sharma

Bake Score – 8.371 for Jedi Rob‘s drizzle and rolls.

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